Our Low Whistles are all carefully handmade from Aluminium Alloy tubing. The Fipple is hand-hammered to work-harden the material. All fingerholes are deburred by hand to ensure a smooth airflow.

The finished whistle is then glass-bead blasted to achieve a distinctive surface finish that is not slippery. Anodising creates a protective layer in black or natural Aluminium colour on all parts of the whistle that protects and improves the finish. The Resulting finish is tougher than plain Aluminium which is rather soft and scratches easy.

Some people say that our whistles scratch easy, to be precise, they don't scratch, but other materials rub onto them because of the tough and hard surface. The Blasting leaves a matte finish that, together with the anodising creates a surface that can act a bit like a very fine grit sand paper. Softer Materials rub off onto the whistle. We did tests with keys, stones and other things and tried to scratch our whistles. A lot of these 'scratches' aren't real scratches and can be removed with a soft pencil rubber. Of course there are limitations to that and they do scratch if exposed to a lot of other items in a full instrument box that gets a rough time on stage/tour. But other whistles would look even worse under these conditions.

For more details about the amazing facts of anodizing, please have a look at the pages of the Wikipedia here: