We have a range of different flutes on offer

Wooden Flutes
Standard model for Irish Traditional music, C-Foot model for more advanced playing and improved third register in various different timbers and variations.
Cast Bore Student Flutes
A fully grown up flute at a budget price! The entry model with the essential features. The bore is cast into a wooden body. To keep things simple, there's no tuning slide and no ferrules except for the one to support the middle tenon socket.
Cast Bore Standard and C-Foot Flutes
These are the same models as the Standard and C-Foot model flutes, except for the bore whihc is cast into wood with special resin. They have all the ferrules and a tuning slide just like the wooden models.
Wooden Böhm System Flute-Heads
This is the alternative to a wooden flute to get the typical wooden sound out of a Böhm System flute. Playing Chromatic is much easier on a Böhm flute and players who find it difficult to cope with the wider notehole spacing on wooden flutes might find a solution here.
Flute Keywork
Custom made flute keywork, made to order. The standard keywork layout is based on traditional wooden flute layouts, but have a modern touch to bring more playing comfort to the wooden flute.