Custom made Flute keywork

The Keywork that we make is a high quality, pin or post mounted design. As materials we use castings in bronze, nickel-silver tubing, steel springs and steel rodscrews. Generally I get all keywork and posts silver-plated, but can do Nickel-, Black Nickel-, Black Chrome- or un-plated keywork on special order.

For my Keywork I use the finest white leather pads that can be fitted with metal resonators to improve sound and compensate for the damping effect of the closed noteholes.

Shown here is a close up of a typical Bb key with a recess to allow for easy "roll-on" action with the Thumb. The second picture is a closeup of the white-leather pad with installed metal resonator on a C-Natural key. Both keys are Black Nickel plated, the timber is Satiné.

Adding keywork to existing flutes

Keywork can be added to existing flutes either on our flutes or on flutes of other makers, such as Olwell or Doyle, if that's desired