About Us

Maurice ReviolI am a trained woodwind-instrument maker who first learned my profession completing an apprenticeship with honours at W.Schreiber in Nauheim, Germany, making Bassoons.

After four years at Schreiber I left the company to gain more knowledge by joining other makers and repair technicians as journeyman. This lead me to Wood, Wind & Reed in Cambridge, England, where I spend some time learning and working as repair-technician and after my stint there I joined Jeremy Soulsby in Hereford, a dedicated Bassoon-maker and wood-turner for more work experience in the making of Bassoons and intricate wood turning techniques.

Maurice Reviol in Workshop Waiatarua

In October 1998 I moved to Dingle in Ireland and joined master Uilleann-Pipe maker Cillian Ó Briain. Over the next five years I made Uilleann-Pipes there and learned how to make Low Whistles and also started to make wooden flutes. I saw a lot of Wooden Flutes used in Irish traditional music with old style keywork and saw a possibility to add my knowledge of modern style key making to improve the playability of the simple system flute. Bit by bit I came up with the keywork style that I use now on my own range of flutes.

Maurice Reviol in Workshop Waiatarua

During my time in Dingle I met my wife Catherine and in 2003 we decided to move to her home country New Zealand, where we life since December 2003. Initially I worked forKBB Music as Repair technician in Auckland. In 2006 I established my own workshop in Matakana and started to make Wooden Flutes, Low Whistles and Uilleann-Pipe Regulators full time. In 2007 I moved my workshop back to West Auckland where it is now for over 4 years.

My main work is now the manufacturing of Wooden Flutes, Aluminium Low Whistles, Uilleann-Pipe Parts, Wooden Böhm Flute Head-joints and of course Repairs on all Woodwind instruments.

I play Clarinet, Alto Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Bassoon and drums if I can find the time.